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High Risk? Hard-to-Place Business

Good news - the tough stuff is our specialty. When you can’t get an approval, or when you simply want a better merchant account, Prospect Payments is here.

High risk is a large category of merchant services that can include brick-and-mortar industries as well as e-commerce industries. Risk level is determined by the card brands and acquiring banks, and is based on factors like card-not-present transactions, high level of chargebacks, future delivery of products, recurring billing, and more.

Some of the industries that Prospect Payments specializes in:



Nutraceuticals, aka nutra, is an approved industry with Prospect Payments. We accept straight sale, trial, and continuity nutra accounts.


Debt Collections

Debt collections is often turned away due to the complex regulatory environment, and a history of abusive practices within the industry. However, legitimate debt collections companies operating by best practices can receive an approved merchant account with Prospect Payments.


Credit Repair

Credit repair businesses often have trouble getting an approved merchant account and keeping it in good standing. Chargebacks plague this industry type - but Prospect Payments can approve credit repair businesses as well as implement risk mitigation tools that keep the business in good standing with the bank.


Payday Lending

Payday lending is considered to be a high risk industry, due to geographic restrictions and federal regulations. Despite these factors, payday lenders and short term lending companies can receive an approved merchant account with Prospect Payments.


General Ecommerce

Prospect Payments knows e-commerce, card-not-present business, and high risk merchant accounts. We can accept a wide variety of businesses, and can offer custom solutions for each of them. Check out our list of accepted business types, which we’re constantly updating!