High quality merchant account solutions for high risk businesses.

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High Risk? High Five!

You’ve come to the right place. We don’t just accept high-risk, e-commerce businesses – we build them. Prospect Payments knows what it takes to run and scale an e-commerce business that banks and regulators may consider high risk.

High risk just means your business needs a little more management and care to keep your merchant account healthy.

Prospect Payments is the TLC your business needs to thrive.

E-commerce - High risk vertical- Prospect Payments


Many online stores are considered high risk because they accept payment in a card-not-present manner or simply because they sell certain goods.

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Nutraceutical - High risk payment processing- Prospect Payments


Consumers are purchasing nutraceuticals at increasing numbers year over year, and more individuals are meeting the demand for this market through e-commerce sites.

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Debt Collection - High risk vertical

Debt Collection and Credit Repair

Prospect Payments understands the need for a working, healthy merchant account, especially for debt collectors and credit repair agencies.

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Payday Lending and Check cashing - Payment processing vertical

Payday Lending and Check Cashing

Payday lending and other short-term lending programs are at times a necessary and valuable service for consumers needing to make ends meet.

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Merchant Account Essentials

Payment processing isn’t enough – you need additional solutions to accompany your merchant account. Here are some of the integrated products and services we recommend:

  • Payment Gateway Merchant Account Gateway
  • Payment Gateway Merchant Account Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway Merchant Account Underwriting and Risk
  • Payment Gateway Merchant Account Fraud Wrangler
  • Payment Gateway Merchant Account Ecommerce Partners
  • Payment Gateway Merchant Account Fraud Tools

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